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All our installations come with one year warranty and 1.5 million insurance coverege

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Premium TV installation

Price: $399

This package includes:

  • Unpacking and handling your Plasma, LCD TV
  • Observation and inspection installing area
  • Installation TV bracket
  • Assembling Plasma, LCD TV to a wall mounts
  • In-wall wire concealment
  • Unpacking handalling 5.1 home theater
  • Placing as a 5 channel speaker system
    and Sub woofer
  • Connecting all system components provided
    by costomer
  • Calibration of all video
    and audio components for best performance

Process of concealing wires for your
Flat Screen TV installation:

We cut two access points in the drywall or sheetrock wall behind the Flat panel TV and at the bottom of the wall next to your electronic components location. Snake all video and audio wires inside the wall, along with a monster power extension cord .
Installing wall plates on the access points. After installation and cleaning working area is done.

Demonstration and calibration of all video
and audio components for best performance.