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Klipsch WF-35 Home Theater System



System Includes: WF-35 pair, WC-24, WS-24 pair, XW-500

Advancing the company's proven horn-loaded technology to new levels of sophistication, this home theater series delivers full-bodied sound performances from slimmer enclosures. There are five models in the Icon W Series: the WF-35 and WF-34 floorstanding speakers, the WB-14 bookshelf speaker, the WC-24 center channel and the WS-24 surround speaker.

The WB-14 bookshelf uses one 4.5-inch fiberglass cone woofer, while the WC-24 center channel and WS-24 surround have two. All of these models utilize 1-inch titanium diaphragm compression drivers. A threaded insert on the WB-14 and dual key hole brackets on the WS-24 allow for wall mount applications. To achieve the ultimate Icon W home theater experience, Klipsch recommends the following setup: a pair of WF-35 or WF-34 floorstanders to serve as main channels, a WC-24 center channel and a pair of WS-24 surrounds. For a more compact system, the WB-14s can be used in place of the floorstanding models. However, because all of the speakers within the Icon W line are cosmetically and sonically matched, any combination will yield high-performance results. For added bass punch, either the Klipsch XW-500d or XW-300d subwoofer could be added to the system. Available in June at specialty audio outlets, Icon W will be sold at the following U.S. MSRP pricing: $1,499 for a pair of WF-35 floorstanders, $1,199 for a pair of WF-34 floorstanders, $599 for a pair of WB-14 bookshelf models, $499 for each WC-24 center channel and $749 for a pair of WS-24 surrounds.

Price: $3,570.00