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Klipsch WF-35 Home Theater System


WF-34 Home Theater System

Like fine furniture, our Icon W Series WF-34 home theater system beautifully fits in with your home’s décor, and it does so without compromising on audio performance—you still get the power, detail and emotion that’s made us an industry leader.


  • (2) WF-34 Floorstanding Speakers

  • (1) WC-24 Center Channel Speaker

  • (2) WS-24 Surround Speakers

  • (1) XW-300d Subwoofer

Detailed Description

To the eye, the recommended WF-34 home theater system reflects a classic approach, featuring furniture-grade wood veneer cabinets available in an espresso or a cabernet finish. But to the ear, there is nothing traditional about it. 

Using all premium materials and advancing our proven horn-loaded technology to new levels of sophistication, this speaker setup delivers a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power. In other words, the WF-34 system generates full-bodied sound performances from slimmer cabinets—putting you on stage with your favorite artist, or on the set of a beloved film without dominating your room.

The entire Icon W Series exemplifies our past and present, with cutting-edge audio design and timeless beauty. For truly amazing home audio experiences from a set of speakers that compliment any living space, the WF-34 system is an ideal choice.

Price: $3,150.00