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Morel Fat Lady Speakers Sing

Fat Lady

Morel Fat Lady Speakers Sing

Morel designed their new Fat Lady speaker with one goal in mind, to create a reference floor-standing speaker that can be the "anchor" of their future home audio developments. The Fat Lady enclosures are individually hand made using carbon fiber layered on top of an inner fiberglass shell. Morel did their homework in deciding what materials to use through years of materials testing and found the optimum combination of composites, mixing carbon, fiberglass, resin and other materials for use in these speakers. The curved shape even serves a purpose as Morel wanted to take advantage of the sound dispersion characteristics that so many companies do not utilize in this day and age.

The enclosures house dual 9" woofers and a 6" midrange in addition to a 1.1" "hand-coated" soft dome tweeter. The woofer and midrange drivers feature 3 layer carbon fiber composite cones made from a sandwich of carbon fiber woven matt, Roahcell PMI damper and non woven carbon sheet.

Price: $25,000 per pair

Price: $23,500.00