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Bowers & Wilkins 803D


Bowers & Wilkins 803D
A new model for the 800 Series, the 803D brings diamond dome technology to a less technical looking piece of furniture than the larger 'headed' models.

Here the FST™ midrange driver is housed in its own isolated section of the beautifully curved, Matrix™ braced main cabinet, which is kept as narrow as possible in order to optimise the dispersion of sound.
In order to have a similar bass output capability to the wider 802D, the 803D uses three Rohacell® cone bass drivers, this time supplemented by a front-firing Flowport™. Like all of the dedicated bass-only drivers, the basic rigidity of the radiating area is enhanced by our novel 'mushroom' construction, a girder-like component that supports the central area of the dustcap.
Although we talk about the three different drive unit types and how each is optimised for its particular frequency range, it is the way these speakers behave as a whole that impresses. It doesn't matter if the programme is music or film, the naturalness and realism portrayed by these speakers is uncanny.

The speaker’s exterior is a solid-wood curved cabinet. This cabinet is drawn using many sheets of thin wood, all molded using a male/female forming press and die. Beyond the spectacular appearance, this enclosure is audibly dead and serves to reduce internal standing waves. All 800 Series cabinets are produced in B&W’s cabinet factory, located in Denmark. Available to demo in store.
Dome Tweeter(s) Yes
Three-Way Yes
Ported Yes
Floorstanding Yes
Bi-Wired Yes
Frequency Response 35.0 Hz - 28.0 Hz
+ 3.0 / - 3.0 dB
Power Handling 50.0 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8.0 Ohms
Sensitivity (Efficiency) 90.0 dBSPL
Driver Complement 1.0 x 1.0 "
1.0 x 6.0 "
3.0 x 7.0 "
Dimensions (in.) 12.0 W x 45.8 H x 18.0 D
Weight 98.0 lbs.
Parts 60 months
Labor 60 months
Price: $8,900.00